Data, uncertainty and risk governance

This report is from the fourth meeting of the User Committee (UC) of the NMBP-13 nanotechnology risk governance projects held on 03 March 2021. The UC is an external group of twelve stakeholders, all with a particular link to the development and safe use of nanomaterials. The UC follows and critically reflects on the developments and choices being made within the NMBP13 projects. Risk management requires a thorough and balanced weighing of the available evidence as well as an initiative to take account of gaps in knowledge related to the perceived risk by those who are responsible for making decisions. This meeting was organized as a 3-hours virtual session with four invited guests from the NMBP13 projects adding up to 21 attendees. The meeting focused on broad stakeholder-oriented data management with a deeper discussion on how the Precautionary Principle may be used within this context.

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To get hold of the User Committee, contact Pieter van Broekhuizen at pvbroekhuizen@kpnmail.nl or  Kees Le Blansch at klb@bureauklb.nl.


Review of EU recommendation on the definition of ‘Nanomaterials’ open until 30 June 2021

The European Commission has launched a targeted stakeholder consultation through an online survey to gather insights from experts in nanotechnology and the general public on the common definition of ‘nanomaterials’. The current definition of ‘nanomaterials’ was adopted by the European Commission in 2011 and stipulated in the Recommendation 2011/696/EU on the definition of nanomaterial. This consultation aims to gather stakeholders’ views on the Commission’s interim findings that were attained through preparatory evaluations, i.e., a targeted stakeholder survey, a comprehensive assessment, a workshop, and three technical reports published by the EC JRC. The overall aim is to consider potential changes in the Recommendation.

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The survey closes on 30 June 2021.