Nanosafety Training School 2021

From Basic Science to Risk Governance

This year the Venice Nanosafety Training School celebrated its 10th anniversary in a one-of-a-kind, large-scale event organised by the NMBP-13 projects in collaboration with four other EC-funded H2020 projects: Biorima, Gracious, NanoInformaTIX, and PATROLS.

The event, which took place from June 21st –25th, featured keynote speeches, and a variety of hands-on sessions aimed to transfer state-of-the-art knowledge on a range of topics from key experts to the new generation of nano-environmental, health and safety, and biomedicine professionals, using interprofessional education. Finally, networking activities allowed for plenty of time and opportunities to expand networks and foster academic exchange.

Risk Governance—Session 8

Partners from the 3 NMBP-13 projects built a multi-focused Risk Governance session on the question “Risk assessment with a social dimension: how does risk governance differ from risk assessment or management?”

Starting with an introduction to the process of risk governance, discussions examined how data support decision-making, what data are needed, and what researchers can do in order to provide such data. This also covered FAIR databases and quality assurance, defined by the Knowledge Readiness Level (KaRL).

The session culminated by exploring different stakeholder views, focusing on the specific case of Titanium Dioxide E171 safety, and how socioeconomic aspects can be included in the risk governance process to warrant inclusiveness for different values into the risk/benefit estimation.

The Risk Governance session is available here

Watch videos of the sessions: 

NanoSafety Cluster YouTube channel


Martin Himly, Sabine Hofer and Nobert Hofstaetter (University of Salzburg), Dmitri Ciornii (BAM) and Daan Schuurbiers (DPF)

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